It’s been a crazy couple of weeks here at The Paint Box! In just six days, we closed our Cambridge Street Store, covered our yummy pink walls with white paint, packed up all our stuff, and created a gorgeous new space in our new home here on St. Peter’s Avenue.

Why did we move?

After almost 13 years of creating baby keepsakes and your pottery painting masterpieces, we were bursting at the seems outgrowing our little pink palace. We had doubled our collections area and kiln capacity, and as The Paint Box continued to grow, it became clear we needed a bigger place.

I’d looked around and even viewed a few places but 12 Cambridge Street is such a gorgeous building and has been a part of what we do for so long that nowhere ever felt right. Then our lovely widow cleaner Paul told me about a place that had just become available and that he thought would suit us, and BOY was her right. As I stepped into 76 St Peter’s Avenue I fell in love, it felt like someone had reached into my mind and created the perfect place for The Paint Box. I took a couple of days to think but who was I kidding? I knew within 5 seconds this was the place!

What’s new?

The new studio is bright and fun, with colourful wall art featuring a few Paint Box -isms, including the old favourite ‘If your not making a mess you’re not doing it right!’ You can pull up one of our new 0range and green chairs, take a ride in our hot air balloon or sit on the swing for a cheeky selfie.

All the mess and chaos from behind the scenes is tucked away including my new office space, our collections corridor and the MOST AMAZING kiln room which is three times the size of the old one!

What to expect?

Everything you know and love from The Paint Box of course, bigger and better than ever before!


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